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  • Dr. Hemlata Jhaveri

    Dr. Hemlata Jhaveri

    Associate Vice Chancellor


    The HDH team is the epitome of care, commitment and dedication. Our staff members provide unwavering support for our students, the campus community and each other, making every interaction and experience memorable. I am excited for the myriad opportunities ahead for our staff and campus as we continue our housing growth over the next 10 years. Most of all, I am thrilled to know that we can provide even more students the ability to live on campus and make an impact on their college experience.

  • Martin Reed

    Martin Reed

    Senior Director, Housing Services


    As an undergraduate student, I lived on campus for five years and worked in a variety of housing positions. Along the way, I made lifelong friendships and participated in transformative leadership programs and community activities. For me, being a part of HDH allows me to collaborate with others to create inclusive residential environments that afford scholars opportunities to thrive inside and outside of the classroom. For this reason, I love working at HDH because I can continue to support students and their families as they matriculate at UC San Diego.

  • Dr. Megan Fox

    Dr. Megan Fox

    Director, Residential Experience


    I joined HDH in September 2021 and it has been a wonderful homecoming for me as I grew up in San Diego. I had the privilege of working and learning at four other UCs prior (UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, UC Irvine and UC Berkeley) and have felt so welcomed and excited to be part of the Triton community. I love how creative and collaborative our team is. I have been especially excited to be able to connect with many students and find ways to share their ideas, input and impact. I can’t wait to see how we grow and continue to support our students!

  • Rebecca Otten

    Rebecca Otten

    Director, Strategic Partnerships and Housing Allocations

    I joined the HDH team 25 years ago. What I enjoy most about working at UC San Diego are the conversations with students and their friends, families and supporters as they move into campus housing. Their excitement is energizing! In the past 25 years, HDH has opened eight housing communities. It is rewarding to know that our efforts have supported the success of many students!

  • Jeff Palmer

    Jeff Palmer

    Senior Director, Campus Dining

    Working for HDH has allowed me to take my passion for food and share it with the campus community. It is a great feeling to be able to work with an incredible team with such culinary talent. I find great joy in bringing people together through food to celebrate our unique cultures.

  • Patrick Hochstein

    Patrick Hochstein

    Senior Director, Facilities and Building Management


    HDH has always impressed me as an outstanding organization to work for. We lead the UC San Diego campus with can-do professionals consistently striving to improve service levels to students and the campus community. Our ability to handle rapid growth and adjust to the recent pandemic have also highlighted our strengths as a team to face many challenges.

  • Ryan Cones

    Ryan Cones

    Director, Building and Custodial Services


    I enjoy working for Housing, Dining, Hospitality at UC San Diego because it provides me with a dynamic and inclusive work environment. I can contribute to the university’s mission while also developing valuable skills and forming meaningful connections with my colleagues and the community we serve.

  • Erwin Sandan

    Erwin Sandan

    Senior Director, Finance and Marketing


    UC San Diego is one of the best places to work in all of San Diego! The environment is so dynamic and being part of HDH’s rapid growth trajectory is very exciting. It is refreshing coming to work every day and being able to serve ‘the greater good’ for those in pursuit of higher education. The UC San Diego HDH team is composed of many smart, talented and caring individuals who are extremely dedicated to providing the best housing and dining experience to UC San Diego students and staff.

  • Claudia Mellon

    Claudia Mellon

    Director, Human Resources


    On a daily basis, HDH provides us the opportunity to have meaningful and positive impacts on our student and staff experience. I’m grateful to serve our staff and students to develop and grow in our purpose-driven, dynamic and inclusive environment.